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Seaweed specialist

for the hydrocolloids sector.

We believe innovation is key for the progress and we would like to bring forward more efficient and ecological way to seaweed harvesting.

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Since 1964

Company History

After World War II (1939-1945), Japan, devastated, was looking for alternatives to the supply of various products, including agar-agar. A set of manufacturing units in Europe, namely in Portugal, Spain and France dedicated to the production of phycocolloids emerged.

Iberagar was created in 1964 in Alverca do Ribatejo as agar plant to meet this growing demand. Since the beginning, Iberagar has specialized in the extraction of biomolecules derived from marine macro-algae. Today it is a specialist in the supply of raw materials for the hydrocolloids sector.

Iberagar company history


The harvesting of algae biomass (Gelidium and Gracilaria) to produce agar-agar is the main commercial activity of Iberagar. The company has made a commitment to innovation and process development in order to maintain its leadership position.

Nowadays, Iberagar’s has invest in research projects and foster the development of innovative products and new applications able to face the challenges of a changing world.

IBERAGAR S.A. has achieved the coveted "INOVADORA COTEC" status. This distinction encompasses companies with high financial performance, technological investment, and innovation.

Recovery and Resilience Plan

Ensuring the future sustainability of the agar value chain is crucial for the company
Iberagar products


Since the discovery of agar plates, which enabled researchers to isolate tuberculosis, cholera and other pathogenic bacteria, bacteriological agar has been derived from red algae belonging to the genus Gelidium. This type of agar is particularly sought after by research institutions, where it is used as a culture medium for microorganisms and in molecular biology techniques (agarose gel). Portugal presents ideal natural conditions to produce this species, demonstrated by its natural occurrence, historical abundance. Furthermore, it has a favourable geographic position, with an extensive coastline and a sunny climate, which favours the growth of biomass.

Seaweed harvesting, production and processing are commercial activities with high relevance for the development of the national blue growth and aquaculture strategies. Given the growing commercial interest of different sectors in algae biomasses, innovative solutions for this sector are of the utmost importance for national and European sustainability.

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