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Pharmaceutical Agar

Agar is used as an ingredient in tablets and capsules, as well as in different types of emulsions. The main role of agar in the pharmaceutical industry is as an excipient.

It is an effective carrier of the active ingredient enabling the active to reach its target area successfully, but without reacting with it.

Iberagar’s Pharmaceutical Agar is compliant with this requirement due to its sourcing from the best raw materials, and to demanding extraction procedures that guarantee the removal of potential impurities. Iberagar has been supplying Pharmaceutical Agar to the world’s leading companies for many years.

Our benefits

Over 50 years experience in the area of hydrocolloids

Strict control over all of the raw and finished materials throughout the entire production cycle.

A record of investment in future technologies.

Understanding customers needs, delivery on promises. Premium quality value added products at competitive prices.

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