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About Iberagar


Iberagar is Portugal’s leading company engaged in the manufacture and distribution of hydrocolloids derived from seaweeds.

Iberagar was created by the merger of two companies, Biomar and AGC, and was established shortly after World War II. In 1970 Iberagar acquired a Japanese company, Unialgas, and transferred its operations to the plant in Barreiro, 30 km from Lisbon.

Iberagar is nowadays one of world's most specialized marine hydrocolloid companies, with a leading position in the agar-agar international market, with several applications in food industry, microbiology, molecular biology and plant propagation. Its quality, recognized worldwide, is based on an exclusive freezing stage that enables Iberagar to provide the end user one of the world's purest agars.

Since the beginning Iberagar has made a commitment to innovation and process development in order to maintain its leadership position. At the end of the 1990s the Research and Development team became involved in the field of agarose production for molecular biology applications.


Our benefits

Over 50 years experience in the area of hydrocolloids

Strict control over all of the raw and finished materials throughout the entire production cycle.

A record of investment in future technologies.

Understanding customers needs, delivery on promises. Premium quality value added products at competitive prices.

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