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Bacteriological Agar

Agar B is essential to microbiology as the main component in dehydrated culture media, currently more than 300 hundred different product types.

Applications include clinical diagnosis, quality control and food safety procedures. As well as its central role in microbiology, agar finds applications in molecular biology.

The critical factor in microbiology is the inert nature of agar. Its absence of inhibitors means it does not affect the growth of target microorganisms. In addition, agar has other properties such as excellent transparency, high hysteresis and reproducibility (batch to batch consistency).

The quality of the bacteriological agar of Iberagar is widely recognised internationally.

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Over 50 years experience in the area of hydrocolloids

Strict control over all of the raw and finished materials throughout the entire production cycle.

A record of investment in future technologies.

Understanding customers needs, delivery on promises. Premium quality value added products at competitive prices.

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